Current Unit Price: (20 min. delayed price) ASX:MXT $2.08 0.48%
NAV as at COB: 23.05.24 $2.0103
Current Unit Price: (20 min. delayed price) ASX:MOT $2.20 0.00%
NAV as at COB: 23.05.24 $2.1497


Fund name changes for MXT and MOT

We inform investors of the fund name changes for both MXT and MOT effective 30 July 2021.

MCP Master Income Trust (ASX: MXT) Metrics Master Income Trust (ASX: MXT)
MCP Income Opportunities Trust (ASX: MOT) Metrics Income Opportunities Trust (ASX: MOT)


The ticker codes for both funds (ASX: MXT and ASX: MOT) remain unchanged.

Please refer to the ASX announcements for further information regarding the name changes for MXT and MOT.

Why have the fund names been changed?

The above fund names have been changed to better align with our current corporate branding and to clearly identify Metrics as the investment manager of both funds (as opposed to using the MCP abbreviation).

What do the changes mean for investors?

Other than the change of name, nothing else has changed for investors and no further action is required. The above funds continue to be managed by Metrics Credit Partners and there are no changes to the investment objectives, strategy, or distribution frequency.

The relevant notifications have been provided to investors via the ASX as required and investors will see the new fund names reflected across all future investor communications.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or require further information please contact us on 1300 010 311 or

1 August 2021