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Looking for smart, agile and bespoke borrowing solutions? Our world-class team knows how to create them.


As a leading non-bank corporate lender, we offer a range of debt products to borrowers across the full credit risk spectrum, across the capital structure, and across industries. Whether it’s working alongside banks in traditional syndicated lending facilities, or working with you to structure innovative tailored solutions, we can provide valued liquidity in an increasingly constrained market.

We have lent over $12 billion across more than 400 transactions since we launched our first fund eight years ago.

With significant industry experience and expertise, Metrics is focused on delivering execution certainty for its corporate borrowers.

If you are a corporate borrower seeking financing and would like to explore how Metrics can support your business, please contact us.


Corporate Lending

We’re independent and agile with capability across industries and we work with listed and private companies and borrowers seeking finance for project & infrastructure, commercial real estate, and acquisition finance purposes.


Specialised finance

We have extensive experience in providing asset, structured, commercial real estate and project finance tailored to individual borrower’s needs.


Property Finance

We have extensive experience in assisting borrowers with commercial real estate development projects and property investments. We have experience across residential development finance (land subdivisions, medium density and high-rise residential developments) and across the industrial, commercial and retail property sectors. We have also assisted borrowers with specialised property asset finance.  


Metrics dedicated Agency and Security Trustee Services Team partner with borrowers to independently manage

their multi-lender financing arrangements across all major industries and global currencies. Learn more