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Metrics’ dedicated Agency and Security Trustee Services team partner with borrowers to independently manage their multi-lender financing arrangements across all major industries.

About Us

As a leading Australian non-bank corporate lender, we truly understand the business of lending. Our core focus is on delivering a responsive, superior service tailored to your needs.


Metrics Facility Agency business is completely segregated from Metrics lending business.


Our Facility Agency team has significant experience managing multi-lender transactions.


First-class lending systems ensuring accurate and timely transaction processing.


Client information is kept safe and secure with our market-leading email encryption and information distribution


Offices located in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

Our Services

We’ll support your direct lending activity by providing end-to-end agency, trustee and administration services.

  • Loan closing: Effectively and efficiently manage the deal closing process.
  • Lender substitution: Manage the substitution of lenders in a facility.
  • Multi-currency: Facilitate multi-currency transaction payments between participants.
  • Reporting: Distribute facility information and reporting to participants.
  • Loan administration: Coordinate borrower requests, lender consents, arrange lender syndicate meetings and manage all facility limits and calculations.
  • Trustee: Act as Security Trustee to hold security on behalf of lenders.
  • Secure online platform: Manage and distribute confidential and sensitive information via our secure online platform.


Yes you can. There are no legal, regulatory or operational restrictions to appointing a non-bank Agency provider. Metrics, via MCH Agency Services Pty Ltd, is an independent, secure, full-service Agency provider with highly secure multi-currency, real-time payment capabilities.

Absolutely. Metrics has a full-service independent Agency team to act as Facility Agent and Security Trustee for participants in financing arrangements. There is no requirement for Metrics to be a participant in the financing arrangements for our Agency team to be engaged.
The Agency team is completely segregated from the Metrics investment and lending functions to ensure full independence and confidentiality is maintained. MCH Agency Services is located in a separate office to the Metrics investment teams and maintain segregated and restricted access to information systems.
MCH Agency Services has technological and security capabilities that not only meet the standards of the other providers in the market, but exceed them. We operate with a bespoke, purpose designed and built Agency administration system that provides enhanced flexibility, control and efficiency. Additionally, we use a payment platform that has the capability to securely transmit real-time payments in multiple currencies safely and securely overlayed with enhanced operational controls.
Whilst the MCH Agency Services team is located in our Sydney office, with Metrics offices in Melbourne and Auckland also, we service borrowers located across all of Australia and New Zealand with financing participants located all across the globe. Your location is no impediment for MCH Agency Services to be your Agency provider.
Metrics has proven its capability of operating remotely at the same high standard for our clients. Our bespoke online administration systems, workflow tools and payment functions together with the remote working capabilities of our team members have ensured we can continue to operate at the same high standard no matter what working restrictions may be in place.
Our Agency team has significant experience in Agency, Security Trustee and loan administration, managing multi-party financing arrangements across a full range of corporate and institutional clients and industries globally.


For a confidential discussion regarding your upcoming transactions, please email