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Andrew Lockhart on protecting your portfolio with private debt

At the Pinnacle Investment Summit 2022, Metrics Managing Partner, Andrew Lockhart presented a compelling case on private debt and explained how short-dated loans with floating interest rates, paid by borrowers, impacts an investors’ risk and the returns of the asset class. Andrew also outlined why such features are particularly appealing in an environment of rising interest rates and inflation and how investors can access the investment opportunity.

You can watch the full presentation by clicking on the video player below.

0.18 – Introduction
0:59 – Structural protections for private debt in Australia
3:23 – The role of financial contracts
4:19 – Capital stability in changing market conditions
6:25 – Growing income from rising rates
7:51 – The importance of good relationships with borrowers
9:44 – The advantages of scale, diversification and experience
11:01 – Public market volatility versus private market stability
14:00 – Metrics range of funds for wholesale and retail clients

Pinnacle Investment Summit | September 2022 | 00:16:57

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