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2020 Australian Alternative Investment Award Winners and Finalists

The 2020 Hedge Funds Rock & The Australian Alternative Investment Awards were held by live broadcast last night. A large, diverse viewing audience from over Australia and the Asia Pacific region logged on to view a free live performance broadcasted from a mobile studio in the Hyatt Regency hotel at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Kim Ivey, HFR co-founder and Chairman of the Alternative Future Foundation: “Our thanks to all the sponsors, production crew, judges, event staff, partners, fund managers and viewers for being part of last night’s HFR2020 and The Australian Alterative Investment Awards. In addition to seeing who the best alternative investment managers are in Australia, viewers were entertained by 2 live sets from Diesel and the great work of our guest MC, Tom Williams. Viewers also had the opportunity to also hear directly from the charities that the Foundation supports and to donate directly to all of these causes. Our congratulations to all the winners and finalists in all the various award categories.”

Best Private Debt Fund
Merricks Capital Partners Fund (w)
Metrics Credit Partners – Secured Private Debt Fund I
Metrics Credit Partners – Diversified Australian Senior Loan Fund

Best Long/Short Equity Fund
Munro Global Growth Fund (w)
Bennelong Long Short Equity Fund
Alceon High Conviction Absolute Return Fund

Best Market Neutral Fund
Karara Market Neutral Plus Fund (w)
Bennelong Market Neutral Fund
Levitas Absolute Return VIX Fund

Best Multi-strategy Fund
Janus Henderson Alphagen Multi-Strategy Fund (w)
Legg Mason Tactical Allocation Fund
Cor Capital Fund

Best Global Macro/Futures Fund
QDRA Dynamic Macro Fund (w)
P/E Global FX Alpha Fund
JP Morgan Global Macro Opportunities Fund

Best FI & Credit Fund
PIMCO Australian Focus Fund (w)
Janus Henderson Global FI Total Return Fund
Realm Capital Series 2018

Best Listed Alternative Investment Product (only 1 winner, 1 finalist)
Monash Absolute Investment Company Limited (w)
Schroeder Real Return Fund

Best Emerging Manager
Revolution Asset Management (w)
Apollo Capital
Octopus Investment Australia

Best Investor Supporting Australian Managers Award
Ironbark Asset Management (w)

Best Offshore Manager Operating in Australia Award
J.P. Morgan Asset Management (w)
Invesco Australia
Franklin Templeton

Best 2020 Alternative Investment Manager Award
Winner – Metrics Credit Partners

2020 Contribution to the Industry Award
Winner – Ms. Nikki Bentley

About The Alternative Future Foundation, Hedge Funds Rock and the Awards.
The AFF is an ACNC registered charity with DGR status whose purpose is to help build positive alternative futures for disadvantaged Australians and their families. AFF is the organiser behind Hedge Funds Rock which began in 2002 as a fundraising and music enthused networking event for the alternative investment industry. The Australian Alternative Investment awards began in 2006. All profits are distributed to charity.

Alternative Future Foundation Media Release – 11 September 2020

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